8” x 4” Starrbide Base Block
8” x 4” Starrbide Base Block

8” x 4” Starrbide Base Block



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At a Glance

  • High quality tar-bonded silicon carbide base block.
  • Full and complete crucible support.
  • Offers protection from thermal shock incidents.
  • Energy savings from increased melt rates and high conductivity.


8" diameter x 4" thick.

Common Applications for Starrbide Base Blocks 

Base blocks (also known as Molten Metal Systems stands) are used primarily with crucible applications such as fuel fired and electric resistance furnaces. Their design is used to transfer heat indirectly from the burner to the crucible. They protect the crucible from the brunt of the burner flame by reducing mechanical and thermal issues relating to the crucible's side and bottom walls.

For Best Sizing Results:

-Ensure that the base block has a diameter that is larger than the crucible's bottom diameter by at least 1" to 2".

-For furnaces using electric resistance, the lowest level of the heating elements should match the base block.

-For applications that are fuel-fired, the base block's top cannot be lower than the burner's centerline.

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