Foundry Products

Our roots are in the foundry industry and most of our technical staff, still have the iron in their blood, having worked at some point in making castings. We offer the full range of consumable materials and equipment for most ferrous and non-ferrous foundry processes, including green sand, investment casting, no bake and permanent mold.

Some of the core products include:

ASK Chemicals Sand Binder systems, Coatings, Release agents, sand additives, Molten metal filters & Metallurgical alloys.
Coorstek Ceramic filters.
Ervin Amasteel Steel shot & grit abrasive.
Exochem Corporation Riser Sleeves, Hot Topping, Ladle Liners.
Fedmet Basic & Alumina Bricks, Electrodes, Specialty alloys and minerals.
Fairmount Santrol Minerals High Purity Silica and Lake sands & Resin Coated “Shell” sand.
Green Diamond Green Diamond foundry sand.
Heraeus Electronite Molten Metal temperature and chemistry sensory equipment.
Inductotherm Induction Melting Furnaces.
Ingot Metal Brass and Bronze foundry ingot.
Larpen Metallurgical Service Carbon Raisers.
Morgan Crucibles for Non-ferrous melting, Ceramic fibre for insulating covers and heat treat furnaces.
NALCO Colloidal Silica.
Pemco Fused Silica.
Rio Tinto Primary Aluminum ingot.
Saint Gobain Norton Dri-vibe Induction furnace refractories, Boron Nitride.
Tinker Omega Sand Mold making equipment.
TRIALCO Secondary Aluminum ingot.
United Refractories Plastics, Castables and Gunning materials.


Investment waxes.

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