TR-19 Insulating Board
TR-19 Insulating Board

TR-19 Insulating Board



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About This Product

The TR-19 insulating board is asbestos-free and built with vermiculite granules and bonding materials that are high-temperature and retain their structural integrity after firing.

This insulation saves energy and offers minimal shrinkage at its high temperature limit of 1900°F (1040°C) with no decomposition after direct exposure to cryolite vapors or flames. 

Product Features

  • Strong in high temperatures
  • Thermal conductivity that is low
  • Offers quality cryolite vapors resistance

1-1/2" x 12" x 36"

Product Applications

The TR-19 is best-suited to interiors and exteriors.

Common insulation applications include:  

  • Side and end walls of carbon baking pits, fireplaces, and pizza ovens.
  • Backup for aluminum pot cells, copper reverberatory furnaces, oil-fired water tube boilers, reheat and pusher furnaces.
  • Bustle pipes, hot air pipes, and stacks.