Superwool ® Plus Blanket
Superwool ® Plus Blanket
Superwool ® Plus Blanket

Superwool ® Plus Blanket



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About This Product

The Superwool ® Plus Blanket offers improved thermal properties at elevated temperatures, enhanced handling strength, and superior health and insulation benefits over traditional RCF ceramic fibre insulation.

Used in a variety of hot face and cold face insulating applications such as kilns and furnaces or anywhere there is a need to thermal insulate at high temperature.

They are built with a fibrous structure using a new technology with pure materials that are pure and raw with less irritation and without dust particles.

This product is not affected by the majority of chemicals except for strong amounts of molybdenum, phosophoric acide, and alkalis. 

1" thick 6lb density, 1832F rated fibre insulation. 

Available for purchase by the square foot or by the carton. Each full carton contains 50 SQFT in a 2 ft wide roll.

Material is easily cut into sections or shapes using a sharp knife. 

Product Features 

  • Industry-leading performance for thermal insulation. 
  • No lubricant or binder.
  • Thermal shock immunity.
  • Strong tearing resistance.
  • Effective absorption of sound. 
  • Offers resilience and flexibility.
  • Offers low heat for storage.

Product Applications

Superwool ® Plus Blanket is most commonly used for: 

  • Insulation for chimneys, power generation (HRSG duct), furnace, kiln, storage heaters, and domestic ovens.
  • Linings for process heaters and annealing furnaces. .
  • Heat shields for automotive exhaust, covers for aluminum transfer launder, and pipe wraps.
  • Relief for welding stress.